Love is finding a whole new world in the very same places.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Chicken Noodle soup for the lovers soul

Not the book, but the I actually got home from work and my wonderful love had made homemade chicken noodle soup for us. It was delicious.
   And it got me thinking, I needed to give him sime credit. We have been fighting but he needs to know-since I know he reads this- that he is pretty awesome.
    Let's see how can I describe my pregnancy? How can I sum it up? How about tempermental? Yeah I think that best describes it.
    I spent the first five months of my pregnancy with my head down the toilet. And the first two trying to hide the fact that I was always sick. Jon caught on real quick though.
       He was always there, bringing me ice, holding my hair. He didn't even get mad when I was so sick on my birthday that we couldn't go see the movie he had already paid for. Not to mention that on Christmas Day he had to pull over three or four times so I wouldn't throw up in his Mustang.
    After the fifth month it all got better, we were all moved out and I wasn't throwing up as much. But the heartburn sucked pretty bad.
           And there he was again. We live behind two Speedway's and we kept them in business. I seriously went through like ten slushies a week.
         Now don't get all angry, not all of them were soda slushies. AND did you know that one slushies is only like ten percent soda for flavoring? The rest is just ice. So Carter and I really didn't even ingest all that much.
                 Jon has been there so much, as well as for Chloe. He always makes sure she is safe and having fun and makes sure we are all taken care of.
          Everything went pretty smoothly, until the doctor told me that I still hadn't gained any weight, not enough weight, any weight. He said my muscles had began to atrophy. Which is the thing that anorexic girls get where there body literally eats their muscles. Except it was Carter was taking my muscles away. This, as you can imagine was not good news. He said I needed to gain weight or Carter could be born premature, or with learning disabilities and have a ten times higher SIDS rate.
   I began eating as much as I could keep down, it was hard. I worked forty hours a week at Spagh House, which has amazing food but gets old after a while. I was always eating and still it didn't seem to make a difference. I took food everywhere, peanuts, grapes, crackers, candy bars, pickles. SO MANY PICKLES!
At one point I walked around Kroger for an hour, crying and thinking to myself "This is America it can't be that hard to find something incredibly fattening."
   As I went into panic/determined mode Jon went into husband/daddy mode and went out and bought me this protein shake crap. "I promise baby, it tastes like chocolate milk." Maybe after chocolate milk sits in a hot car out day and then gets throw out the window and someone licks it off the pavement.
  However, despite it being awful, it worked.
           Not only my pregnancy, but through my life, as my best friend, he has been there. He was the one I called at three in the morning, who listened to me cry when I had a broken heart. He was the one who watched me fail time and time again, who watched me get my heart broken, and break a few my self and loved me anyway.
              But the dream, and the reality are all the same, to love, forever and far beyond that.
        What about your man/women?
            What do you wish for in a man?
                    What's the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for you?

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Carter kisses and singing silly.

Yesterday I laid just a little bit down from Carter, facing him and we made silly faces at each other. Before I knew it he had moved his little head down and was kissing my nose.
    Rather, his version of kisses. Which is open-mouthed slobbering and trying to suck my nose.
   But I feel like for a three month old that definitely counts as kisses.
    Right now he is sitting in his moo cow chair watching me type. We don't put him in it unless we can watch him these days because the kitties like how it bounces and try to bounce off him. Plus he squirms out of it.

     This morning we were singing our "Good morning" that I sing when he wakes up and before I knew it he was yelling and cooing. I thought for a second he was crying! Then I realized, he was actually trying to sing with me :) I was so astonished. We called daddy in and had him listen. Daddy says he isn't suprised. Everyone in this family sings to him.
          Jon actually has his own songs too. Although some of them will have to stop being sung when Carter can actually understand what they mean. Most of daddy's songs are meant just to amuse mommy.
     If you have ever seen the episode in "Two And A Half Men" where Charlie writes kid songs and becomes a hit sensation with songs like "Who cut the cheese" and "I drink from a sippy cup"
   Basically that's what Jon's songs are like. It's pretty hilarious. :) Next time he comes up with one I'll write one down here.

Do you have any weird rituals or songs?
     What is your routine like?
                Is there anything that you have found works best?