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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Carter kisses and singing silly.

Yesterday I laid just a little bit down from Carter, facing him and we made silly faces at each other. Before I knew it he had moved his little head down and was kissing my nose.
    Rather, his version of kisses. Which is open-mouthed slobbering and trying to suck my nose.
   But I feel like for a three month old that definitely counts as kisses.
    Right now he is sitting in his moo cow chair watching me type. We don't put him in it unless we can watch him these days because the kitties like how it bounces and try to bounce off him. Plus he squirms out of it.

     This morning we were singing our "Good morning" that I sing when he wakes up and before I knew it he was yelling and cooing. I thought for a second he was crying! Then I realized, he was actually trying to sing with me :) I was so astonished. We called daddy in and had him listen. Daddy says he isn't suprised. Everyone in this family sings to him.
          Jon actually has his own songs too. Although some of them will have to stop being sung when Carter can actually understand what they mean. Most of daddy's songs are meant just to amuse mommy.
     If you have ever seen the episode in "Two And A Half Men" where Charlie writes kid songs and becomes a hit sensation with songs like "Who cut the cheese" and "I drink from a sippy cup"
   Basically that's what Jon's songs are like. It's pretty hilarious. :) Next time he comes up with one I'll write one down here.

Do you have any weird rituals or songs?
     What is your routine like?
                Is there anything that you have found works best?

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