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Wednesday, October 5, 2011


          Today I "Google'd" Carter Sauce. I was pretty content with my original nickname for him, and then I was really really disappointed when 9,660,000 search results popped up. I mean I knew it wasn’t totally original, but I mean I figured less than at least two million. Anyway, I searched it AND now I may have to change the name of this blog.

    Apparently there is a Facebook group called Carter Sauce, and it's some type of "F8ck Palace." Needless to say I didn't click on the link to find out more. Although to be honest, I probably would have had I been at home. My curiosity is pretty overwhelming. However, sadly, I was at school and they generally frown upon you using their internet access to look (possible) porn sites. LET ALONE in the middle of the library.
   With my luck it would have been a video entrance to the site with sounds and all. Can you imagine walking past THAT in the library?

So guess that our discussion of the day is?!!!!

That’s right, PORN!

Maybe in your world PORN is a four letter word. But maybe in in some others, it’s four letters of fun!
  This leads me up to my
Questions of the day!!

For everyone:
 Has anything like this ever happened to you?
 Have you been trying to look up something online and found something inappropriate instead?
Ever look up with your mom standing behind you? ....Yeah it's
 God that was awkward.

Have you ever been in your dorm room looking at nudies when a roommate walked in?
How often do you REALLY watch it?
Do guys share porn?
Magazines or internet? Both?
Married men, be honest. Post anonymously if you think the “Mrs.” might see.

Don’t feel bad. When I was in fifth grade the new computer lab teacher, Mr.Something-er -Other typed in instead of and showed a SOLID thirty seconds of porn to a room full of eleven year olds.

How about you Lovely Women, Lovely Wives, Mothers?
 Have you ever walked in to your husband watching it?
Ever found it on the computer?
                     How did you feel?
                      Do you do it too?

Again, don't lie. According to an article on CNN's website "
In the first three months of 2007, according to Nielsen/NetRatings, approximately one in three visitors to adult entertainment Web sites was female; during the same period, nearly 13 million American women were checking out porn online at least once each month."
Click HERE for full article.

To me this makes sense, Cosmo is basically porn. At least the good issues.

So come on, tell us. We are all big kids, if you have kids you have some experience.
 How about Rated-R movies?
My sisters tricked me in to watching American Pie with my Grandmother.
My dad and I watched the unrated version of Forgetting Sarah Marshall together AND Good luck Chuck. Actually, we turned the first off after about thirty seconds, and the second off when he goes on his sex-scapade.

Do you watch HBO? You watch True Blood don’t you?
What do you think about them?
Are they lighter versions of porn for women?

Romance Novels?
Erotica Novels?
Are those any different than your husband going to porn hub?

I believe, No matter how you feel. Find some-real- loving at some point in your life.
   Remember my motto:

Don’t be afraid of your own body. Because sexually frustrated people
kill other people.


  1. First I love this post. A lot of people are afraid to talk about sex, I am fortunately not one of these people. I see no reason to NOT talk about sex or anything related to sex. It's a natural part of life, animals, ameobba,human all things have some sort of " sexual" part of life. Porn however is seen as such a " no-no". I must admit I have watched it and just sat there, in awe. Not in the good way, a in the " who actually does this crap" way. I feel like this Imis why I chuckle when people go crazy over a loved one watching it. While I'm not ever going to condone bestiality or childproem in ANY manner, I say go ahead and watch a little, if thats what melts your butter. If not leave it alone, it's human nayur to experiment in mind and body.

  2. Melts your favorite phrase.