Love is finding a whole new world in the very same places.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Response to someone who didn't quite understand my message.

First off. Own up. I'm fairly certain I know who you are anyway.
      Second of off, you don't know me. I have never cheated on anyone.
    Furthermore. You are completely misunderstanding what this whole thing is about. It isn't about holding on to A SINGLE love. It simply about holding on to the concept of love. Never, no matter how many times in how many ways you may be hurt, NEVER give up on loving.
   Love differently, love someone else, love HEALTHY for one. But love. Always, Always, ALWAYS. Must there be love again. What is your life if not shared again.
    As with everyone there are things that I may regret, but what I don't regret is giving my self and giving the love of my life his real chance.
    The point is this is not how I thought it would be when I was younger, but how wonderful it is that it turned out so.
    You are right, there is no love without trust, without respect. And you must reach a point where you know your self well enough to know you can't trust any more or to know that the mutual respect is gone.
  Be angry, be bitter. But move on. Let there always be love, make it new, make it wonderful and make it work.


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