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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Peeved Photo-shopped Pinterest

      Anyone who knows me, knows that Chloe and I do a LOT of crafts. It is our bonding fun time.
          This morning we tried one of those Pinterest crafts that everyone is doing these days, with our own spin on it of course. After doing many such crafts that we find on this website, I'm actually convinced that all of these pictures are photoshopped.
          Honestly, except for my sister making some FABULOUS looking cupcakes for Carter's party and then for my niece-in-the-making Aubree's shower, I haven't had one craft, or seen someone make a craft and have it come out looking as professional as these pictures. I also noticed that most of these pictures lead you back to websites where you can purchase the item in the picture. For example, it could lead you to a manufacturer, or a website like
    Now, Chloe and I aren't going for professional, and we definitely aren't practicing for that Crafters show that is on TBS. But dang, doesn't it just make you feel bad?


( My suggestion for this particular craft, where you melt the crayons, is lay down some newspaper, because the wax flies everywhere. Thankfully, we did ours outside. )                              

It could just be me, because my sister has made some awesome looking cupcakes these past couple months.  For example, these ballerina cupcakes vs the Pinterest cupcakes. To the left is one made by my sister and to the right is one from website, and the right, is obviously set up as a professional picture. As I said before I have seen many crafts on Pinterest I believe are either made by professionals or photoshopped. However, to be fair, I have always lacked artistic skill.

(I know, poor Chloe, she is going to do a craft with someone else one day and wonder what's wrong with her step-mom!)

    I personally believe that my sister's are fabulous, Martha Stewart can eat her heart out. Especially in these next pictures, I could not bake these to look so awesome, especially made from scratch. Can you tell which is which? 

What are your thoughts? Do you think that websites with crafts like these lead people to unrealistic expectations, which ultimately lead them to purchase items professionally anyway on the websites that they link to?
 What about wedding websites? Most that I've seen offer DIY crafts, but offer them to purchase anyway. Do they give women unreal ideas of the ideal wedding done yourself, only to find that you really need to be a professional to do whatever it is successfully? Do they make weddings an even more materialistic affair?

        Is it just those of us without skill who are doomed to be the ones with their art in the folder and not on the wall? 
Maybe, my art will simply have to improve and I can make some of my own crafts for and make some money, wouldn't that be awesome?


  1. I always try to put my own spin on the crafts! I am the type of person who will look at the craft, but add or subtract items. I think the crayon thing is pretty cool and if I tried it, it probably wouldn't look like yours did!
    Thank you for the cupcake comment. I know mine isn't photo shopped and I love making and decorating crafts for my family! I hope you continue more crafts with Chloe. Maybe one day, I could teach her to make some treats and then eat them :)
    Thank you for the kind words for my cupcakes!

  2. I have to agree with you. The girls and I have tried several of the DIY Pinterest crafts and were sadly disappointed in most of them. I will say that we enjoyed the time spent together but, they're tutorials are very sketchy and have unrealistic results for pretty much any first timer trying them out. we did try the alcohol tie-dye, which turned out relatively well, but the colors faded quickly and the size of the "circles" was way off from the pictures. Also, the colors bled well after the directions said it should have "set". The melted crayon candles were a total flop!! They don't burn! Due to crayola adding something specifically for them to be non-flamable. My conclusion is everything is a learning process. Lesson one for the tots: Mommy's are always learning too! no one is perfect but we sure can be fun! xoxo