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Saturday, August 20, 2011

First words fumbles and fits.

My lovely mommy watched Carter today as Jon and I went to work. When I came back we watched her new home video she had made, of Carter cooing and ahhing and nearly saying the word "good." This is their game. She says "Are you good?" and he laughs and tries to say "Good..." It's pretty much the most adorable thing you've ever seen.
    I have to say we are truly blessed with this little baby, he sleeps through the night, he doesn't cry and he is all giggles and love.
      Of course, he is a baby. So when he does decide to have a breakdown he does it like a pro. Let me tell you last night this child apparently didn't stop crying on daddy for like three hours.
            Poor daddy for one, but for daddy's friends for two. Jon apparently had friends over who were a little uncomfortable once the crying began. Which I also have experienced first-hand. After Chloe's birthday party Carter, who had been passed around and kept from his many naps that day, was to say the least really angry. And a few of our friends stuck around the festivities after. Well Carter finally had enough and he was crying and screaming. This was when we had to put up with the many "What's wrong with him?" and "Why is he doing that? Cant you make him stop?" Well Jon and I are only twenty so the number of our friends with kids is rather limited, DESPITE what people would have you to believe. So our friends aren't used to the crying. I honestly think it frightens them and it ruins the mood or any chance of hanging out.

How do you adjust your friends to your kids, and your kids to your friends?
Must we wait for everyone to have one, is it simply a matter of putting up with friends leaving once a child starts to cry a little?

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  1. I think his crying was super cute!!! No baby is perfect, so crying is only natural! BTW I hope you don't think I'm being creepy and stalking you...