Love is finding a whole new world in the very same places.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

In case facebook lasts a while.

Many who don't know me won't understand all the things I say in this. But it is my belief that everyone, in some way, will understand what I mean.
     Once upon a time, in the same land that exists today. A whole different world resided. It was one where someone thought Love ruled all. And it did. It ruled mind it ruled body and soul and logic. Love was this consuming force that overrides everything. But, in a land where Love is everything, confusion may consume it.
        Perhaps confusion isn't the right word. Ignorance?
 Whatever it may be. To survive, love needs friends. It needs a heart to guide it so that it may grow, but a mind beside it so it may think. For love is not always best. Sometimes love is worst.
     It is not cynicism, for love is indeed the greatest of all.

And love can return, greater than before, but it must be an army. It must bring an army. Love must be the general, with logic, and hope at its side. They must be the Captains. They must command troops and keep confusion and doubt, not at bay, but at least under supervision. For confusion is a natural ally of Love. It walks the thin line, with hate close behind if not monitored.

             Where does this come from? Think of that thing, something you wanted more than anything. You did not simply decide one day no I do not want it. Perhaps it was a process, call it growing though I think that is an understatement. Perhaps it is Fate, intervening. Maybe she simply said "I'm sorry my child, that is not the road you will travel."
            I have learned, to never say, well why to love if to lose. Nor to question is it better to have loved and lost than to never. For there can be no "never" there must ALWAYS be love. There WILL always be love.
       Love is not eternal in that your love may last an eternity. Love is eternal in that LOVE itself will last eternity. If not this love then the next, if not that then the next.
     It does not matter this love now should it leave so long as love is accepted again. ACCEPTED for love does not come, love is there always.
     Behind broken hearts and lives is always love. No matter how tiny or repetitious they may be broken.
            OH DO THAT YOU LOVE AGAIN. That. Is everything.
                 Love is a whole new world, in the very same place.


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  2. Your idea of love is so twisted that you only like men who screw you over in the end. You thrive on the drama of a man who can't simply be kind to you and only you.

  3. Well, I'm not sure who "anonymous" is but I can tell they must think they "know" you. While I agree slightly with what they say(in general) not about you specifically, I have my own definition of love.
    I believe we all either love unconditionally, or it was never really love at all. Not only between male and female. With friends, family, whoever(even blood). You may know them, admire them, respect them,share common interests, but if you truly love them, then you always will! Love is more an action than a feeling. What do you do to "show" love. Everyone knows actions speak louder than words, think about it. How many times have you been told I love you and never seen the love from that person who spoke it so many times? Did they ever love you. And the same for those that you have said those words to.

  4. Now I am not so naive to believe that love doesn't hurt or that you truly can love someone even if it is not the healthiest kind of love, but in general, I think we can figure out who really loves us. also I DO totally get the quote, "I love you, but I don't really "like" you!". This can be true in many relationships.

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